Our Office Staff

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Clinical Practice Manager
Arie Valentin, R.N.

Arie Valentin, R.N. is the clinical practice manager of Estrella Pediatrics. She opened the practice with her good friend, Dr. Bennett, in 2005. It was their dream to open a pediatric office that offered the finest pediatric care in a child-friendly and parent-friendly environment. She is happy to take your questions about the office and its policies. When not overseeing the everyday functions of the office she enjoys bowling and spending time with her husband and two children.

Marianne and I

Assistant Manager
Marianne Esparza, M.A.

Assistant Marianne Esparza, M.A. has over twelve years of experience working with children and their families. She is well known to go out of her way to help the families and children that come under her care. It is especially joyous for Marianne to get to know personally the families of the children we see. During her off hours she is busy caring for her own children and three grandchildren.