Good Evening Ladies and Germs!

Those of you familiar with 1950s television might understand that opening line. It seemed fitting considering the cold and flu season we have been enduring since the end of 2014 and thus a suitable introduction for Dr. B’s Blog. We have revamped our website and thought adding a blog written by Dr. B would be a good way to bring parents into the minds of our providers.

In my blog I hope to shed some light on various topics, both old and new. Vaccines, the measles outbreak, autism, interactions with patients and parents, and anything else that comes up during the day or in the news will be fair game to discuss as long as it relates in some way to Estrella Pediatrics. It will include a mix of facts and my personal opinions of which the latter I try to avoid when in the exam room. Hopefully you will find it to be informative as well as entertaining and pleasant to read. If parents have any topics they would like discussed, you are encouraged to shoot over an email and I will do my best to accommodate requests.

In this first blog post I mostly just wanted to give an introduction as to what you can expect to see here. Topics I won’t be discussing are politics, religion, race relations, societal events, social media and things like that. Most of the aforementioned have no place in a pediatric office and my opinion on any of those topics is inappropriate here.

Welcome to Dr. B’s Blog and check back every week or two for new entries!

-Dr. B